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Tyskennow Kernow yw arethva nowydh rag fylmow ha towlennow gwrys yn Kernow po a-dro dhe Gernow ha'n taves Kernewek. 

Tyskennow Kernow is a new platform for films and programmes made in and about Cornwall and the Cornish language. 

Gwrys yn keresedhek gans gwrioryon-fylm gevos. 

Lovingly crafted by contemporary filmmakers.  

Kuntellys a hen govskrifyow. 

Plucked from ancient archive annals. 

Unys wor'tiwedh rag agas didhan, adhyskans hag awen. 

United at last for your enjoyment, enlightenment and inspiration. 

Gonisogeth Skrin Kernewek 
Cornish Screen Culture 

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