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Tyskennow Kernow yw arethva nowydh rag fylmow ha towlennow gwrys yn Kernow po a-dro dhe Gernow ha'n taves Kernewek.

Tyskennow Kernow is a new platform for films and programmes made in and about Cornwall and the Cornish language.

Gwrys yn keresedhek gans gwrioryon-fylm gevos.

Lovingly crafted by contemporary filmmakers.

Kuntellys a hen govskrifyow.

Plucked from ancient archive annals.

Unys wor'tiwedh rag agas didhan, adhyskans hag awen.

United at last for your enjoyment, enlightenment and inspiration.

This campaign page is hosted and maintained Bosena, an independent Cornish production company, on behalf of Cornish public service media campaign stakeholders.

Kas Rag Media Gonis Poblek Kernewek

A Case for Cornish Public Service Media

A flagship example of Cornwall leading from the edge, demonstrating a progressive, world-leading technological, environmental and socially responsible new model of Public Service Media provision for the 21st century.

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Ragdres Hwithrans Darlesor Gonis Poblek Kernewek Agwedh Onan – Studhyans Arhwilas Derivas.

Cornish Public Service Broadcaster Research Project

Phase 1 – Scoping Study Report.


Published July 2019.

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Kas Rag Media

Gonis Poblek Kernewek

Derivas Berrskrif

A Case for Cornish

Public Service Media

Summary Report

Published March 2020.

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Give Cornish language and culture the equal recognition and respect it deserves.

Please sign this petition to pledge your support for a Cornish Public Service Media