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A young woman is conflicted as to whether Cornwall is still the place for her 

Bosena supported first time director Srayva Raju for her short CV. Earlier in the year, Screen Cornwall produced Behind The Postcard, a collaborative short film in response to Cornwall hosting the G7 summit. The script emerged from combining the work of some of our best seasoned and emerging writers, who submitted poems and short stories which encapsulated real-life contemporary Cornwall. Clear that some of these distinctive stories stood apart, Screen Cornwall in partnership with Creative Kernow and Hall for Cornwall has commissioned 6 standalone films to contribute to the G7 legacy which will be toured across Cornwall in the spring through Carn to Cove.


CV is an interpretation of Jackie Taylor’s poem ‘CV’ features Chloe Bolitho, a central character from Taylor’s book Strange Waters (published in 2021). Chloe is a determined and creative young woman who, like many young Cornish people in towns and villages, has to rely on seasonal work and zero hours contracts for her income, and is without the resources to be able to fulfil her ambitions and build a career. She is torn between wanting to remain in Cornwall which is her home, or travelling elsewhere for employment opportunities.

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